MasterSeries brings together a unique set of modules to address your structural engineering analysis, design, detailing and drafting needs. The software’s versatility allows you to design almost any type of structure in one multi-material modelling environment. You may choose to include the design of steel, composite beams, concrete or timber; all highly integrated in one information rich, central structural model. Proving the perfect balance between automation and engineering control, MasterSeries has become the software of choice for thousands of structural engineering professionals.

Modern structural analysis software providing a range of dedicated modules to handle anything from simple beams to the most complex mixed material structures.

General Frame – Analysis Advanced structural frame analysis software for analysing everything from beams and trusses to multi-story frames & complex 3D models in any material.

3D Model – Manager MasterFrame add-on. An advanced 3D model management system, enabling you to rapidly load and design three-dimensional structures.

Dynamic Analysis – MasterFrame add-on. Vibration analysis, natural frequencies and mode shapes associated with the many modes of vibration of a structure from external and internal forces.


Finite Element – Analysis MasterFrame add-on. Finite Element Analysis software to build structural elements such a shear walls, flat slabs and transfer slabs inside MasterFrame models.

Wind Analysis – 3D Model Manager add-on. Makes light work of applying wind loading to any structure in the UK, using a DTM and all the factors specified in the wind loading code.

Beam Designers – 3 individual software programs for the analysis & design of simple, cantilever & continuous beams and sub frames in Steel, Concrete or Timber.

Concrete Design
An extensive range of advanced concrete design software, offering fully detailed design, with intelligent automated links to R.C. detailing and Scheduling. Design to the BS, Euro or SABS codes. Features include:

  • Intelligent automatic design based on an extensive set of fully customisable design and detailing parameters, giving you full control over the design process and enabling you to rapidly optimise your design
  • Freedom to change and refine automatic designs
  • Instant updating of graphical and design output with every keystroke, for full control over the design process
  • Full RC detailed drawings either directly to the printer, or via AutoCAD as DXF drawings
  • Link to MasterRC – RC detailing for AutoCAD, and MasterRC bar scheduler to provide total integration of concrete analysis, design, detailing and scheduling

Modules include:

Concrete Design – Design of Concrete Beams, Columns and Pad Foundations in structures analysed using MasterFrame and MasterPort. Design to the BS, Euro or SABS codes.

Concrete Beam Designer – Interactive analysis, design & detailing of simple, cantilever & continuous Concrete beams and sub frames. Design to the BS, Euro & SABS codes.

Flat Slab Construction – Analysis and Design of Single and Multi-Storey Flat Slabs in accordance with section 3.7 of BS 8110.

Pile Cap – Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of concrete pile caps. Design to BS, Euro & SABS codes.

Steel Design
Innovative structural engineering software for the design of steel members and connections, working either stand-alone or fully integrated with MasterFrame and MasterPort. The steel design functionality also included specialist analysis & design of elastic-plastic portal frames. Design to the BS, Euro or SABS codes.

In all modules in the MasterSeries Steel Design range, you’ll find:

  • A superb level of analysis design integration
  • The perfect balance between automation and engineering control
  • Complete yet concise on-screen design output
  • Feature-rich design options giving total flexibility
  • Technically advanced design giving you complete confidence and ultimate efficiency

Modules include:

Steel Design – Design of members in steel structures analysed using MasterFrame or MasterPort. Design to the BS, Euro or SABS codes.

Moment and Simple Connections – Design of structural steel moment & simple connections in portal and multi-storey frames.

MasterPort Plus – Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 3D portal frames & ancillary steelwork. Design to BS, Euro & SABS codes.

MasterPort Lite – Analysis and design of elastic-plastic 2D portal frames. Design to BS, Euro & SABS codes.

Steel Beam Designer – Interactive analysis & design of simple, cantilever & continuous steel beams and sub frames. Design to the BS, Euro & SABS codes.

Composite Beams
MasterBeam Composite Design, together with its add-on MasterBeam Composite Slim Floor are two advanced structural engineering design software packages offering BS & Eurocode design for a huge variety of composite beam types and situations.

As well as operating on a stand-alone basis the MasterBeam Composite programs provide a superb level of design integration with 3D Model Manager enabled frames.

Composite Design – Design of primary, secondary and mixed primary-secondary composite beams with or without web openings. Design using BS & Euro Codes.

Composite Slim Floor – Add-on for MasterBeam Composite beams for the design of SlimFLOOR beams where the deck is supported on the bottom flange of the beam. Design using BS or Euro codes.

Timber Design
MasterKey Structural Timber Design is an interactive, ‘stand-alone’ program providing comprehensive design of timber struts, ties, columns, beams & joists, either stand-alone or full integrated with frames and trusses analysed in MasterFrame.

MasterBeam Structural Timber Beam Designer provides analysis and design of simple and continuous beams and sub frames with up to 16 spans. The simplicity of the MasterBeam Timber Beam Designer interface, makes it the ideal tool for the infrequent user and its true interactive nature makes it an excellent teaching tool.

Timber Design – Independent design of timber beams and the design of timber members in structures analysed using MasterFrame. Design to the BS and Euro codes.

Masonry Design
The comprehensive range of design features gives you the flexibility to model any type of masonry wall including single leaf or cavity, stiffened or unstiffened walls with one or two openings.

With its interactive design approach, MasterKey Masonry Design gives you complete control, allowing you to produce highly optimised and efficient designs in minutes. MasterKey Masonry Design provides powerful and extremely user-friendly software for the structural design of reinforced and unreinforced masonry walls and columns.

Masonry Design – Design of reinforced and unreinforced masonry wall panels and columns. Design to BS, Euro & Irish codes.

Retaining Walls
MasterKey Retaining Walls is very powerful and extremely user friendly with a short learning curve. Its interactive nature means you can immediately see the effects of adding loads, introducing piers, ties and props, altering reinforcement or modifying the wall geometry or soil properties enabling you to optimise the wall economically
with great efficiency. The module includes the design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls to the BS, Euro & Irish codes.
Drafting & Detailing
Providing exceptional levels of integration with the analysis and design process, the MasterSeries Drafting range of programs will enable you to produce high quality drafting and detailing drawings with great efficiency.

Furthermore, with intelligent, revision controlled, round-trip integration with Revit Structure®, you can take full advantage from the latest BIM technology.

MasterRC Detailing –  AutoCAD application for the detailing and scheduling of reinforced concrete. Detailing to BS and SABS codes.

MasterRC Scheduler – Reinforced Concrete bar scheduling to BS8666, BS4466 and SABS82.

MasterCAD: BIM Integration – MasterCAD provides MasterFrame with two distinct functions. Full 2-way BIM links with Revit Structure®, Xsteel®, MultiSteel®, StruCAD®.and as a drawing production centre producing detailed G.A. Drawings.

Lite Suite
By bundling lite versions of many of the core analysis and design programs, the MasterSeries PowerPad delivers a wide range of well established programs at less than a third of their full version price.

  • MasterSeries Office Tools is an add-on program enabling you to export results from all MasterSeries programs to Microsoft Office, enabling you to produce one superbly presented design report. It also enables you to create templates for standard calculations using highly efficient and very flexible in-built analysis and design functions. This module is included in the MasterSeries PowerPad bundle.
  • PowerPad is a comprehensive structural engineering analysis and design software suite for steel, concrete, timber, masonry, and composite elements.
  • PowerPad incorporates lite versions of many of the core analysis and design programs. MasterSeries PowerPad delivers a wide range of well established programs with a full upgrade path.

PowerPad - A Lite version of the MasterSeries providing a structural analysis and design suite for steel, concrete, timber, masonry, composite elements. Design to the BS, Euro & Irish codes.

Office Tools - Export results from all MasterSeries programs to Microsoft Word & Excel. Also create spreadsheet style standard calculations using the in-built analysis and design functions.