Strand7 Downloads

Listed below are trial programmes available to download free of charge. For full versions of the software, please contact us.

Strand7 Demo
Download the Strand7 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Demonstration Software. All the functionality of the full version is available.

The limitations are that models cannot be saved and models with more than

  • 20 Beams
  • 100 Plates
  • 100 Bricks

cannot be opened.

After downloading the zip, extract the files and run ‘SETUP.EXE’. After installing the software, browse the Samples folder as this contains a few sample models, ready to solve and post-process.

Please visit the below link to access the Strand7 Demo.
Strand7 Viewer
The Strand7 Viewer may be used to open and view Strand7 models of any size, including results – however it does not allow any editing or saving of the model and printing functions are disabled. The Viewer is intended to be used for inspecting Strand7 models and communicating information and ideas between Strand7 users and their clients

Please visit the link below to access the Strand7 Model Viewer.